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Peru - Bolivien 2024 Engl.

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17 days Spiritual discovery journey in the land of the Incas

Peru & Bolivia

from 20th of July 2024 bis zum 03rd of August 2024

From my own experience I can say with deep conviction that Peru with its magical aura and its spirituality present everywhere opens the heart and symbolizes the feminine aspect in us.

This journey is extraordinary because it takes you to the magical, imposing and ceremonial Inca power places of Peru and Bolivia and to your own inherent sources of power and you home. What makes this trip special is, among other things, that the spiritual knowledge of the ancient Inca culture as well as numerous ceremonies at the original Inca power places are imparted by an indigenous shaman.


Our trip is divided into 2 parts.

The first part starts in Cuzco -the Inca capital- and ends again in Cuzco.

We travel along the Urubamba through the Sacred Valley of Inca's. On our trip we will visit Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Moray, Chinchero, Pisac, Kinsa Kocha, Killa Rumi Yok and the protection mountain of all shamans the Pachatusan.

The second part begins in Cuzco and ends in Puno. During our journey from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca, we stop at the Wirachocha Temple, cross a pass of about 4300 m and head to Lake Titicaca, both on the Peruvian and Bolivian sides.

The second part starts in Cuzco and ends in the city of Puno, located on Lake Titicaca. During our trip in a luxury tour bus from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca, we will stop at the Wirachocha Temple, cross a pass of about 4300 m and head to and on Lake Titicaca on both the Peruvian and Bolivian sides.

After visiting the floating islands - Uros on the Peruvian side in the morning, we will make our way to Bolivia by minibus and head to Sun Island (Isla del Sol) on the Bolivian side of Titicaca for 4 days.  We will also perform ceremonies there with an indigenous shaman and take a day trip by boat to Moon Island (Isla de Luna), where we will also celebrate a ceremony in honor of the feminine side in us. On our return from Lake Titicaca to Puno we will stop at one of the dimensional gates of the world "Amaru Punku" and perform our last ceremony on this trip. Our journey ends in Puno.

Come with us on the impressive discovery tour and recover your currently not yet conscious and hidden treasures!


The travel program for 2024 can be found here in the end of 2023.

The form for the travel registration, the travel conditions themselves and the liability disclaimer can also be retrieved here in the end of 2023.

Due to the altitudes, good physical condition and health are prerequisites for the trip.

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